Live a vibrant life through wellness.

Wellness ensures your ability to live a vibrant life, and Parc Place provides many opportunities to keep body, mind and spirit healthy, active and engaged. We are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself which is why our wellness philosophy is incorporated throughout every aspect of life at our Bedford TX retirement community. Discover an abundance of activities, educational programs, classes, events and numerous other ways to connect with others and live a healthy and full life.

Our wellness philosophy focuses on your ability to accomplish your goals using your own unique personal wellness plan with a focus on connection and engagement. Examples of items that could be on your personal wellness plan include:

• Good nutrition to prevent and limit illness and disability
• Physical activities to enable you to remain limber and strong
• Strategies to strengthen current social connections and create new ones to limit isolation
• Creative learning programs and initiatives to keep your mind stimulated and engaged
• Volunteerism, service and faith-based activities to continue living a purposeful life


Achieve your personal health and wellness goals with the help of our community’s wellness philosophy. Partner with us and learn how to incorporate good nutrition and physical activities into your daily life with the goal of maintaining strength and flexibility while limiting disability and illness.


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